A day out at Scampston Hall

One of our favourite things to do as a family is to explore new places.  This can be as luxurious as travelling on a place to far away places, to as simple as a walk or drive in the car.  I feel incredibly lucky to be based in Yorkshire as there are so many wonderful places to explore and discover close by.  One such place is Scampston Hall, based near York it is an hour and 20 minutes drive away and was an incredible find. 

Greeted with bright blue skies, warm sunshine and only a hint of wispy white clouds we felt as if we had travelled abroad.  Scampston Estate encompasses walled gardens, the Hall and trails.  The Hall was closed as they were preparing for a wedding, so we explored the walled gardens and hall grounds.

The girls armed with an explorer pack put their binoculars to good use as they found a vantage point looking over the grounds.

The walled gardens are divided into separate rooms, each one equally beautiful in its own right.  

The girls explored and enjoyed their freedom to be children.  Practising their cartwheels and other gymnastic skills.

Giving children the freedom to explore and play is such a vital part of their development, and it was a real pleasure that Scampston allowed the girls to do this and in such beautiful surroundings. 

Likewise it is equally important to allow children to reflect and have space for themselves.

The silent garden was one such place that the girls took a moment to simply admire their surroundings.

Around the Mount they practised their fairy steps, counting 134.

Little man was feeling under the weather and already on his third change of clothes before lunch, simply wanted to be cuddled and drink his milk in the shade with his Grandma. 

Once we had explored the walled gardens we stopped at the Cafe for some lunch before heading out on one of the many trails around the grounds of the hall.  My youngest daughter wanted to lead the way and armed with a map she took us on her own journey of exploration. 

Not knowing her left from her right, we might have took a few wrong turns but it was all part of the fun and the adventure.

Eventually we ended up back in the grounds of the Hall itself. 

We stumbled across a play area with wooden balance beam, stepping stone logs and a rowing boat.  The perfect place to spend some time after our adventure around the grounds. 

As we approached the Hall we began to see the preparations for the wedding which was taking place the following day, and as we stood with the Hall behind us to admire the view you could clearly see why Scampston would make a fantastic wedding venue. 

As the sun began to set, there was just enough time to play in front of the Hall itself before heading back to the car for the journey home. 

Thank you Scampston Estate for inviting us to visit, we had a fabulous day out.

This day I love a day out at Scampston Hall 

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  1. I grew up just miles from here and it's certainly a stunning part of the country. In my mind this is an absolute hidden gem, dll the locals love the coffee shop and the garden is stunning. I've never been in the hall itself but the grounds alone are so worth the visit. Great write up.


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