A day with Online golf

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My eldest loves to play crazy golf. At one of our local retail outlets there is an outdoor crazy golf with a pirate theme, and every time we go shopping she asks to play golf. We tried dinosaur crazy golf but the dinosaur scared her so we stick to pirate golf.

We received an invite to an event in Leeds with online golf and I thought we would attend to see how she liked non crazy golf. The team at online golf were on hand to show you how to hold the clubs, and the different types of clubs. My eldest listened intently before having a go at the different activities.

There was a small mini golf and a ten pin golf game along with some chipping nets. Neither girl managed to do the chipping nets but they both enjoyed the ten pin golfing game!

Whilst they enjoyed trying each of the activities my eldest said she much prefers pirate golf, which makes me think she is not ready for a proper game of golf just yet. I am still very proud of her for giving it a try and that she got to experience something new, maybe even learnt the beginnings of a new skill. I love that I have been able to give the girls the opportunity to try golf and that it might be something we do in the future.

 The girls had a wonderful afternoon with Online golf, and no doubt we will be back to pirate golf very soon!

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