The ultimate Peter Rabbit

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As a child I can remember reading the books by Beatrix Potter. My sister had a collection of all the little books and I seem to remember a Jemima puddle duck toy. Beatrix potter has become one of those British icons that bring back a whole host of memories from childhood. One of those that we pass onto our children and our children get as much enjoyment from the stories as we did. Stories that withstand the test of time and become loved for generations.

It is perhaps hard to comprehend that we are celebrating 150 years since the birth of Beatrix potter. The first Peter Rabbit was published in 1992 and has been capturing hearts every since. DK publishing are publishing a very special book to mark this anniversary, The ultimate Peter rabbit.

The ultimate Peter rabbit looks at the true story behind this well loved mischievous rabbit. There are specially commissioned photographs, sketches and artwork to make up this amazing book. Along with the journey of Peter rabbit from Beatrix pet to stage and screen. This is a wonderful book for anyone who has been touched by the Peter rabbit story.

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