A new Tag blanked from Dotty Fish

From birth Little Man has always liked his hands holding when he is going to sleep.  As he becomes more aware of the world around him he has begun to discover tags.  His latest love is to play with a tag, or your top when falling asleep.  

The girls never showed much interest in this, I think they favoured hair pulling, and so we never had any tag blankets.  Little Man however loves his tag blanket from Dotty Fish.

He spends ages playing with one of the 16 different textured and coloured tags.  When awake he loves to look at them, starring at the patterns and testing each texture with his mouth.  The blanket gets shaken, rubbed and scrunched in his little hands.  The perfect size for him to hold and explore.

The back of the blanket is lined with a soft fleece, and Little Man likes to rub this on his face which often results in sleep!

Each blanket is hand made and there are a range of colours and patterns available.  Little Man loves looking at the bright stars on his.

Little Man loves that he now has tags to play with to help him sleep, and one which is lovingly hand made.

Thanks to Dotty Fish for sending him the tag blanket.  All words are my own opinion 

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