Autumn is round the corner

Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love the changes that take place, the variety of colours and how the weather starts warm, and then gradually the dark nights begin to set in to signify winter.  I love how nature simply changes right in front of you.

We have lived in our house for four years now, and every year without fail at the start of Autumn the ladybirds appear.  They appear in the same point and we get to watch the baby ladybirds turn into adults [I know that is not the technical term].

The large Oak tree in our garden is unfortunately having to be taken down this year, so the girls are busy gathering the acorns as we plan to plant them to try grow at least one new Oak tree.  We know it will take hundreds of years before it reaches the same point but we are really going to miss the Oak tree and wanted to try and do something to remember it.

In addition to acorns the girls have been out picking blackberries, although not quite ready yet they still enjoyed looking for them.

They only managed to gather a few, and so we decided to do something with them.

Inspired by the Forestry Commission Colour me Happy campaign the girls used nature to create a picture.  Using blackberries, sticks and the grass and leaves.  By rubbing them onto the canvas they could create colour.  We are hoping to go on an autumn trail at our local Forestry Commission soon, as we have been checking out their autumn activities. 

We have had a really fun day today celebrating Autumn and enjoying the beautiful colours that is brings

This day I love Autumn is round the corner

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