The lion guard leap and Roar Kion

I introduced the girls to the film Lion King when they were still quite young, and it fast became a favourite. They both ask to watch the film, although my youngest asks more for it than my eldest does. In their role plays they sometimes play Lion king and it is interesting listening to them play, particularly when my youngest refers to Uncle Scar as Uncle Scarborough!

Recently they have begun to watch The Lion Guard in TV, and this has added a whole host of new characters into their role play. Their favourite is the star of the show, Kion. The girls were sent their very own Kion toy from Just play. This Kion toy though is rather special.

Leap 'n' a roar Kion is an interactive soft toy. He is lovely and soft and Little Man took a liking to his mane, perhaps because he likes to pull hair at the moment! Kion has 10 character sounds including his roar, which made the dogs jump the first time he did it. My youngest takes great pride in making him roar and then roars herself.

By pushing on Kion and making him almost sit on his back legs, he will then pounce forward. The girls at 4 and 6 struggled to get Kion to sit back far enough to pounce so it was often left for me to do for them. They haven't really used this feature of Kion much and instead prefer his roar and the sounds.

The clever part of Kion is the motion sensor in his nose. When something passes his nose he roars. The girls have started placing Kion in various places so that when someone walks past he roars and makes them jump. I am slowly growing wise to this but it has caught me a few times!

The girls enjoy playing with Kion but prefer playing with the sound and interactive features rather than the leap forward. I just need to remember to be on my guard as they do like to place him places to make me jump, particularly at night when I tidy up the playroom!

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