Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers

Towards the end of the school holiday my eldest daughter asked if she could go on a roller coaster before school started.  I agreed that we would go as a treat if they completed their good girls charts over the school holidays.  Both girls agreed and in the final week of the school holidays we went to Alton Towers.

The girls Grandma accompanied us, and we decided to make a day of it.  

I think the last time I visited Alton Towers was before I got married and a lot has changed, the most notable for me was the addition of Cbeebies land.  It was here we spent our day and the girls made the most of the rides available.

Whilst the vast majority of rides were aimed at a much younger audience the girls still enjoyed themselves.  They loved throwing balls in Justin's House, and Little Man loved his first ever ride on In the Night garden boat.  There was a good mix of play ground, rides and interactive displays, so the girls always had something to keep them busy.

The girls even got their wish and got to ride on a roller coaster.  They even loved the fact that they could ride it on their own, and I think this added to the thrill factor.  This was something that really appealed to me, the girls were able to ride the vast majority of the rides independently.  It made them feel grown up and added to their enjoyment.  Cbeebies land is family friendly, easy to push a pushchair round, although we had chosen to use a sling and plenty of toilets.  In fact I could not quite believe how many toilets there were, it really makes a difference when you have young children.  

I think we dropped on lucky as the queues seemed to be all under 20 minutes, the longest was the In the Night Garden boat ride but it is well worth the wait for any In the Night Garden fan.  Before we knew it our day had flown past.  We had rode rides, played in the playground and watched live shows and spent the entire time in Cbeebies land.  There were a couple of rides in the rest of the park I would have loved to have taken the girls onto but we ran out of time.  

We all had such a wonderful day at Alton Towers that the girls have asked to go again.  They loved exploring Cbeebies land and I think if we do go again we will be exploring the rest of the park first!

We paid for entry into Alton Towers, and have not been asked to write a review 

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