Introducing Bkids and Infantino

For the past month Little man has been trying out some amazing products from two new brands, Infantino and Bkids.  The brands are big in America but new to the UK and are currently exclusive to Mothercare.

First for Little Man to play with was the 3 in 1 Activity Gym and ball pit.  This is a fabulous piece that grows with your child.  Little Man is a bit too old to play with this in Activity Mat mode, but pop up the mesh sides and you have a ball pit.  He loves rolling around in side and playing with the bright coloured balls.

The balls store away neatly for ease of tidying up which is perfect when I have two dogs running around too!  There are spaces in the sides of the mesh to push balls through and Little Man likes to push them out for the dogs to chase, or for Mummy to run after!

As he grows I can remove the arches to give him more space to play, but for now he loves rolling around in the ball pits and playing with the toys on the activity arch.

Working from home it has been an absolute life saver as he is so happy and occupied in there.

Little Man is teething and so he was rather pleased with his squeeze and teethe elephant.  It is 100% latex and is incredibly soft.  He loved to suck on the elephant ears and the legs made for the perfect shape to chew on.  The perfect size for small hands to hold.

Not only have I been impressed with the quality of the items from Infantino and Bkids but also the longevity.  The activity gym previously mentioned will last well into toddler hood and the same applies for the 3in1 projector night light.

This starts as a musical mobile for the cot.  The neutral colours make it perfect for any modern nursery and I love the way the characters face the baby so they can see them, instead of some which simply point downwards.

Once baby can crawl and stand up, the mobile can be detached and it becomes a night light and projector attached to the cot.  Finally it becomes a table lamp or night light which again can project stars.

It is really quick and simple to switch between modes.  Everything is modular and slots into place.  No need for screwdrivers, except to put the batteries in!

Given the quality and longevity of each product I can see Infantino and Bkids becoming household names.  Everything Little Man has been sent he has really loved and it has been a real pleasure watching him play with each piece.

All words are my own opinion. 

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