Autumn Adventures

Today was a gorgeous Autumn day.  The air had a crisp feel to it and the sun shone brightly.  It was the perfect day for an Autumn walk after school.  Little Man however was not impressed, and as I tried to strap him in his pushchair he twisted and turned and got rather annoyed at me.  I knew he did not need a nap and knew he was not hungry, he simply decided to say no to a pushchair.  

Time constraints dictated that he had to because we had to get his sisters from school, but he refused and he refused the sling too.  Deciding therefore to ditch the pushchair I opted for his Yvolution Strolly.  Little Man has the Yvolution Strolly compact, which means I can fold it so it is perfect for popping in the back of the car and going on adventures.  It is really lightweight, but at the same time very sturdy so it makes pushing really easy.

Little Man loved reaching out and holding the handle bars.  The soft grips are perfect for his small hands and will grow with him.

I strapped him in with the adjustable harness and he rested his arms on the padded sides.  The seat does have two positions so I could recline him, but he was happy sitting up and looking out for his sisters.

After picking up his sisters we took a walk in the local park.  His sisters looking for conkers and Little Man simply enjoying the fresh air.  I could keep an eye on him as the back has a mesh panel, and he was protected from the sun with the folding sunshade. I even had space for a drink in my cup holder!  The Yvolution Strolly pushed really easily over the bumpy grass, and made light work of our walk in the park.  I was impressed with not only how easy it was to steer but also how well padded the handles were for me, which are also height adjustable.

We had a good walk through the park and it was lovely to see all the Autumn colours coming and the changes the season brings.  Little Man was rather pleased with himself too!  I can see the Yvolution coming on more adventures with us, and once he is bigger it even transforms into his very first trike!

As for the girls, well they were really pleased with their Autumn walk too and even found some Conkers!

This day I love Autumn Adventures

The Yvolution strolly was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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