Is there room on the broom?

At 7am on a Sunday morning I was awoken by two children requesting to ride their bikes.  Hardly focusing and struggling to wake up, I got the girls their breakfast before agreeing to take them out for the morning to ride bikes.  As my eldest is still building her confidence on two wheels I picked a local park to ride around which is nice and flat and usually quiet.  I also know it is possible to run around the lake in 15 minutes so figured it would be a nice route to ride around, and one suitable for both girls.

We started off around the lake, the girls riding through the muddy puddles and giggling as the muddy water splashed up their legs. 

As they cycled around the lake they stumbled upon wooden characters from Room on the broom.  They would both drop their bikes in a very excited fashion and run over to the characters to see which one they had found.

Before quickly jumping back on their backs again to see who else they could find. 

Our cycle ride took longer than originally planned, but it was a lot of fun hunting for the different characters.  The reward at the end of the ride, well to see if there is room on the broom!

Yes, there was room on the broom for two!

After a wonderful adventure it was time to ride into the sunset and head home!

This day I love is there room on the broom?

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