A treat for me

I remember spending many hours as a child playing Tetris.  I actually got pretty good at it, although by the same token was probably slightly addicted to it.  Even now I believe my ability to pack objects, particularly boxes into car boots, has come from my Tetris knowledge.

Tetris, I think, is one of those iconic moments from childhood.  A classic game which I will introduce to my children soon. To start their Tetris journey I have introduced them to the shapes from the game using my Tetris light.

My Tetris light from red candy is a treat that has made a welcome addition to my office. The base brick contains a switch which lifts it blue.  The remaining Tetris pieces are then placed upon this blue base brick and upon doing so light up.  This gives you endless possibilities, as provided they are linked to the base brick they light up.

The girls find it magical and love thinking of combinations to connect every break together. They try to create towers without leaving gaps and see how high they can stack them.  Cannot wait for them to play the game.

My Tetris light was sent from red candy for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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