Parragon Books : Factivity Robots and Gadgets

Earlier this month we received a package from Parragon books as part of their book buddy scheme.  Inside the package was the book 'Factivity Robots and Gadgets'

The girls were very excited to open their new book and wasted no time in getting stuck in. 

Robots and gadgets

Factivity Robots and Gadgets contains 300 stickers and is packed full of activities.  The book is engaging throughout, with bright colourful graphics and activities which help to explain concepts.  One of the aspects I particularly like is how it encourages you to think.  No where is there a 'wrong way', it is use your imagination to, or pretend to be a, which are great ways to encourage learning.

Eldest solving problems

Stickers are used to enhance the learning by completing different tasks.  Often you find that the stickers are just an added extra to the books, in this case though they are part of the book and a useful addition to complete the different activities.  What is even more impressive is the book is up to date and speaking in a tone that the girls can relate to.  A book which can explain what a selfie stick is to a 4 year old, and she understands is to me somewhat impressive.

Youngest learning about robots

Factivity Robots and Gadgets encourages the girls to think, whilst at the same time answering all their robotic based questions.  It gets them involved to allow them to work out the answer themselves, but in such a fun manner that they become engrossed and not realise they are learning.  Not only is Factivity Robots and Gadgets great for teaching the girls about robots but it is a great activity book for the girls at any point, such as when travelling or on a rainy day.

The book was sent as part of our collaboration with Parragon books, all words are my own opinion. 

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