Puppy in my pocket

My youngest daughter is obsessed with animals.  She has decided that when she is bigger she wants to take care of animals and make them better.  Her imaginative role play is often around making animals better and taking care of them.  

Puppy In My Pocket is a brand my daughter is very familiar with.  She currently collects the blind bags and the Kitty In My Pocket collection.  There are currently over 100 puppies to collect, and my youngest daughter wants to collect them all.  She loves the blind bags and the surprise element of which puppy she will get.  

The Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier combines the blind bag surprise she loves along with the ability to transport her favourite pups in the Dog Carrier.  She was incredibly excited as she pulled the pink blind bag from inside the dog carrier, and began tearing it open.

Inside she was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were 2 dogs inside the blind bag.  This was such a great surprise for my daughter, who is used to just one.  She could fit both inside the dog carrier and carry them with her.

In addition to the Dog carrier, Puppy In My Pocket have also released a Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory pack.  The eight piece set comes with 2 collectible pups, one puppy carrier, bed, blanket, double dish, a treat and a collector's checklist! There are three styles available to collect - pink, purple and teal.

My youngest daughter wasted no time in introducing the 4 pups to each other.  Using the 2 from the dog carrier and the dog carrier itself her imagination went into overdrive and the pups were soon up to all sorts of mischief.  

My youngest daughter soon had the pups going on holiday and on various adventures around the house.  She loved she could carry two dogs in her dog carrier and the fact she had everything she needed for her pups to go on an adventure too!

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