Travelling memories

As a family we love to travel and discover new places.  We are just as excited about discovering places in the UK as we are to travel by plane.  This year we are going to be visiting some amazing places and creating some wonderful memories, and for some time we have looked for a map to display our travels.

The map we have been looking for had to be able to not only aid in our planning, but also feature where we had been.  Nothing quite fitted what we wanted until we stumbled across the corkboard map from red candy.  

Each piece of the world map has an adhesive back to allow it to be stuck to the wall.  Once stuck it is very difficult to remove to re position so it is worth ensuring pieces are correctly positioned before committing and removing the backing paper.

Sticking each island was a little tricky, and in some cases my geography failed me as I tried to work out what each one was.  Overall I do not think I have done too bad assembling the world

The corkboard map also comes with a box of black pins.  We have decided to use these to mark places we have visited as a family.  I am going to buy some other colours for places before children, and places we are planning on visiting.  The girls would also like a colour for places we would love to visit.  

I plan on pinning a memento of each holiday onto the corkboard world, be that a photo or ticket or something else.  The great thing about the corkboard map is that we can fill it with our memories.  I am even thinking about pinning our race numbers as we run around the world!

The map was sent to us in exchange for this review

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  1. This is fab & I love your ideas for it. Would love to see some pictures once you've started adding pins xx


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