L.O.L. Surprise! Easter hunt

Part of our Easter traditions is an Easter egg hunt.  With some nice weather we decided to head out into the garden and have a practise egg hunt.  Hidden in the garden was 7 objects from L.O.L. Surprise!  The girls and dogs were ready and waiting to take part and some may have had sneaky peaks as I was hiding the objects.

We began by looking around the garden.  The dogs running around with the girls, eagerly looking for objects too.  When one of the dogs found an egg in the grass.

No idea how it had got there, or from where but he seemed very happy with his discovery.

Not to be out done by his brother J wanted to find an egg too.  He hunted high and low.

His brother just seemed very happy with his find, and walked around with a huge smile on his face.

Meanwhile the girls were hunting for their objects, but could not see them.

Some hidden more creative than others.

Eventually they found their first object, the L.O.L. Surprise.

My youngest daughter now desperate to find something like her sister had.

Soon enough every item had been found, except one.  I watched as the girls kept running past its hiding place.

Then they both seemed to spot it at once and it seemed a race to reach it

My youngest daughter just beating her sister to it!

The girls then settled down to look at their prizes and open the L.O.L. Surprise.  Each layer was carefully opened by the zip image.  Each layer a different colour to show you had only removed one.

Each layer had a different surprise, from jokes to stickers and cryptic funny images.  The girls could not wait to see what was next.

Some layers revealed secret hidden compartments which then contained larger objects like hair clips, or an accessory for a doll. 

The girls love blind bags and loved that the hidden compartments contained blind bags for them to open.

The girls loved their practise Easter egg hunt.  Not only did they get to have some fun running around in the garden but they also said they loved the special pass the parcel.  I think they mean their L.O.L. Surprise!  Even better they said they got some blind bags to open.  They loved their day!

This day I love a L.O.L. Surprise Easter hunt

Items for the hunt were provided in exchange for this post 

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