No tablets on the plane

We made a decision not to let the girls take their tablets on our next holiday.  A brave move maybe, but one we felt a good idea.  During the day there is enough to keep the girls entertained, and whilst they do use them at home it is certainly not a daily occurrence.  Instead I have pre loaded my phone with a few apps, and armed the girls with colouring books, activity books and reading books.

I want to control the amount of time spent on an electronic device whilst we are on holiday and by using my phone I know I can keep better control of exactly what is used.  I am also keen to keep on top of my daughters learning whilst away, and whilst not in a pushy manner I would like to encourage them to learn through play. 

One of the apps which is currently on my phone is Read with Phonics.  My youngest daughter loves this app, and in particular Albee the alien.  Albee is incredibly encouraging and helps to celebrate whenever they get a right answer.  The app has four worlds which you can explore, water world, forest world, lava land and jelly city.  Each has different sounds and as you complete a sound another is unlocked.  This encourages my daughter to keep wanting to play and learn new sounds.  As she correctly answers questions she gains points.  These points in turn help to improve the level and is a way to positively encourage her to want to learn and play.

The Read with Phonics app has really caught my daughters attention, she calls it the alien game.  She loves Albee and likes it when he joins in with her. The graphics really appeal to her and she wants to play.  Instructions are clear and simple and the games are fun and inviting.  She loves to learn and loves the challenges each set.

In addition to playing the apps on my phone my daughters have also taken some reading books.  My eldest has bought herself two new Roald Dahl books to read.  My youngest daughter has two new books from Maverick Books.


Fum is a lovely story written by Karl Newson and illustrated by Lucy Fleming.  The story is written in such a beautiful rhyming way.  It reads easily and the words flow so beautifully.  The story follows a giant family who are searching for the smallest member of their family, Fum.  As the story unfolds the members of the family encounter some characters from classic fairy tales.  The illustrations had the girls looking to see if they can find Fum.  

How do you do, Mr Gnu?

This story had the girls laughing out loud.  It is one of those that you have to read with funny voices, and really immerse yourself into the story.  It is written by Billy Coughlan and beautifully illustrated by Maddie Frost.  Mr Gnu receives and invitation to tea with the Queen and decides he needs to learn manners for the big day, the question is will he?

Both girls also have a series of puzzle books that they have purchased and some colouring books.  Let's see how we get on on a flight. 

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