Review : Cozyphones

As I have officially begun training for both the Yorkshire marathon in October and the London marathon in April I am increasing the distance and therefore the time that I run.  As the distances get longer the loneliness does kick in and one of the ways I combat this is with music.  I have a lot of piercings in my ears and as a result cannot wear headphones which hook over the ear.  A strange shaped tragus also means that in ear headphones either fall out or irritate me.

One solution to this for me is Cozyphones.  Cozyphones are a light weight, breathable headband with in built headphones.  They are perfect for someone like me who struggles with normal headphones, and they stay put whilst I run too!  They are made from a breathable lycra mesh meaning you do not get too hot when you wear them.

The ear pieces within Cozyphones can be moved inside the band, so you can fully adjust where they sit or even take them out if you wanted to wash the headband part.  The multi purpose use is also great for me, as it stops my hair from bothering me and also means I can listen to some music as I run.

The sound quality is good, but I do often hear a bit of rustling as my head moves or if my arms make my body move slightly.  Not enough to discourage me from using them but just enough to make me aware of it happening.  The 1.5m braided cable does not get tangled, does not kink and does not break easily which again is such a bonus when you are out and about.

Cozyphones also do a kids range and a standard range, but I have not tested those I have the active headband and have to say I am very impressed.  I need to plan some more long runs now!

The Cozyphone head band was sent for this review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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