Join us for a Minnie and Mickey twitter party #MickeyandMinnieToys

Join me and @UKMumsTV for a very special twitter party on 10th August between 1pm and 3pm.  UKMumsTV have a whole host of prizes to be won and from the new Mickey Roadster Races and Minnie Happy Helpers toy ranges from Flair.  

Our party box for the twitter party arrived and as well as an amazing party bag which contains colouring packs and magazines from Copywrite Designs and RedanFunToLearn, there is also some of the new toy range for us to test out.

1. Mickey Roadster Racers Talking Tool Belt

My eldest has took a real shine to this tool belt.  At 6 years old, and on the small side, she fits in the belt with room to spare.  There is space for all her tools, drill, screws, oil, pump and everything you can think of to fix a car.  The tool belt has a great selection of phrases which you activate by pressing Mickey Mouse.  She has been walking around the house fixing everything from the radiators to the chairs and even her brothers toy car.  It certainly has sparked some imagination with my daughter.

2. Minnie’s Happy Helpers Bag Playset

The Bag Playset contains a mobile phone, with handy dial for calling all your favourite pals.  There is a purse with passport and drivers licence and a bracelet too.  The clip detaches from the front of the bag and can be worn as a charm on the bracelet and my youngest at 5 has no problems doing this herself.  There is plenty of room inside the bag meaning you can also add your own Minnie Mouse inspired accessories.  Perfect for carrying with you to the shops as my youngest has been doing.

3. Mickey Roadster Racers Pit Crew Tool Box

A very handy place to store your tools in the Pit crew tool box.  I have been able to detach the handle which makes storage a little easier, though not sure if it is designed to do this or not.  One of the features I really like is the peg boards.  By allowing children to practise on the peg boards with the screws it helps with fine motor skills and also helps to strengthen muscles needed for writing.  The tool box is light weight and can be carried with ease by my 1 year old. He loves the fact he now has a hammer to hit random things with, sorry fix things with!  

4. Minnie’s Happy Helpers Bowtique Cash Register

The cash register comes complete with scanner, money and a credit card.  The credit card makes a beep when entered into the card reader too.  Little Man loves the beeping noises each button makes and the girls have been having fun role playing shops.  The Cash register is also a great way for children to solve simple maths problems and learn about money.  

5. Minnie’s Happy Helpers Shopping Basket

Within the shopping basket there is a selection of food.  Some of this is held with velcro and comes complete with play knife, so that it can be chopped up.  I have been using this as a way to explain halves and doubles with my youngest.  The basket is a really good size and can more than accommodate the food items.  There are some lovely details on the food including Mickey Mouse ears and Minnie Bows!

6. Mickey Roadster Racers Musical Microphone

Little Man has taken the microphone as his own.  With a blue and red flashing light, plus the Mickey and the Roadster races theme tune when you press a button on the front, how can you blame him really?  He absolutely loves it and toddles round the house pretending to sing in his microphone.  Perfect size for little hands to hold.

Make sure you join in the fun on 10th August at 1pm over on twitter and see more of the new range and take part in some amazing competitions! 

We received the items mentioned in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion 

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