#NationalSisterDay - sisters

The bond between the two girls grows stronger every day.  They have moments when they fight, like all siblings do but for the most part they love each other fiercely.  My youngest sees no difference between her and her sister, with 21 months between them she feels they are the same age. 

The girls are very much opposites.  One is extremely competitive and has to win [at everything] and the other wants people to be happy so would loose on purpose so the other wins.  One loves everything pink and sparkly the other is less bothered.  One eats everything, and the other is incredibly fussy.  One loves to be outdoors and the other would much prefer to be inside.

Perhaps it is the opposites that unite them, they complement each other.

 I asked them why they love each other and they both just replied because she my sister, and because I do.  They miss each other terribly when they are apart and ask non stop when they will see each other again.

The girls and their brother have been playing nicely with a new sister, BABY born Sister Doll.  The sister doll comes with everything you need to take care of her.  The girls take it in turn to feed her with her bottle.  Which also has to be carried in my changing bag at all times.  Little Man has took a shining to this and also the hair brush.  He tries to brush his own hair with it, whereas his sisters much prefer to do BABY born Sister Doll hair.  

Clothes and shoes are also completely exchangeable across the BABY born range, which means our sister doll has a lot of outfits to choose already.  

The BABY born Sister Doll has sparked lots of imaginative role play between all three of my children.  BABY born Sister Doll is a little bigger than traditional dolls so Little Man is unable to run away as quick with her when he picks her up.  The girls like this because they can catch him! 

BABY born Sister Doll has started to come everywhere with us, and my youngest carefully packs a bag for her when we go out.  She seems to have fitted in really well!!

The BABY born Sister Doll was sent in exchange for this post

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