Priory 10k

Nostell Priory played host to priory 10K.  I had wanted to take part in this in 2016 but felt it was too soon after having little man.  I was excited for the race, as it is a place I know well and love visiting.  I had no time in mind simply just to enjoy myself.  The route was two laps and I used the first lap to judge the course.

Starting to the side of the house I started well as we headed up the hill.  My mind started to remember the old parkrun route and then got slightly confused when we turned a different way.  I then had flash backs to the night run and settled into my stride.  Only then we went through the gate, a gate I have stared at and wondered where it went to and here I was about to run through it.  The route from here went through the gorgeous gardens at Nostell.  I wanted to take my time and enjoy the views and scenery, maybe another time.

The route then joined onto the new parkrun route and once again my mind went into parkrun mode.  As we began our ascent up towards the obelisk cramp struck me in the backs of both legs and I had to walk it off.  A long steady down hill followed and I took a gentle jog to try and ease me back into my stride again.  The long up hill back to the house and we were ready for round two.

The second route follower much the same.  A nice steady pace followed by a brief walking spell to get my breath back ready for the final hill.  As I approached the final hill I could see the timer on 59 minutes and whilst I had set off with no time in mind I now wanted that sub 60!  I sprinted and in doing so almost lost my shoe, but it worked and I crossed the line just in time.

After having my timing chip removed from my shoe I was presented with a t shirt, no medal on this race.  It was then time for catch up with some friends who I had not seen for some time and picnic with club.

A lovely evening and once my head had got out of parkrun mode a lovely route too!  

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