A Paw Patrol Birthday

I cannot believe that in a weeks time my eldest daughter starts junior school!  I can remember junior school.  Everything from lessons to the teachers and the games we played.  I was one of the eldest in my class but my eldest daughter is one of the youngest and celebrates her birthday in the school holidays.  As the majority of her friends are away we always try and go out for the day to somewhere a bit special and this year we went to Nottingham to see Paw Patrol Live.

It is rare that I can find something that keeps all 3 of my children entertained at the same time, but Paw Patrol Live managed this.  My youngest daughter at 5 is Paw Patrol obsessed so she was shouting and cheering along with the story.  Her face at the interval was an absolute picture, both out of excitement for the rest of the story and her processing how the first part of the story unfolded.  My eldest was enjoying the story line and the fact it was her birthday.  She was joining in and cheering.  The show was incredibly engaging and had lots of moments for the audience to participate in, I felt the show went rather quickly and it no where near felt as long as it should have.

Little Man was completely engrossed.  For a child that refuses to watch TV, unless it is a game show, I was remarkably impressed.   

All 3 of my children left with huge smiles on their faces after a really amazing performance.  It was onward after the arena to a Paw Patrol surprise party for my eldest daughter.  

She had no idea we had planned a surprise for her afterwards.  We had put up paw patrol bunting and decorated the main table with paw patrol decorations and table cloth.  There were dog themed cup cakes and treats, as well as Paw Patrol table ware.

Everything we needed for a perfect Paw Patrol surprise party.  We even had Paw Patrol goodies in our party bags, which of course were Paw Patrol themed.  All our Paw Patrol party supplies had been sent from Party Delights. 

My eldest had the perfect Paw Patrol birthday, with everything from watching them live to a surprise themed party.  What more could she have asked for?

With thanks to Party delights for sending the party supplies and to Paw Patrol Live for sending us tickets so she could see the show.  

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