Summer fun at the outlet

In all honesty they thought of spending all day in a shopping centre with three kids doesn't sound very appealing, especially when you throw into the mix the school holidays.  Yet at the end of last week this is exactly what we did, and actually had rather a fantastic day out!  I was taken by surprise by how much fun we did have, and also how little we spent.

Last week we visited York Designer Outlet.  The girls needed a few last minute things for school, including feet measured for school shoes, and I had a few bits to pick up for a race over the weekend.  First things first, we needed to get our priorities straight and all have some lunch.  Whilst plenty of choice we settled for a favourite, Pizza Express.

I wish I had gotten the person who served us name as he was absolutely fantastic and deserves a mention.  Going out of his way to talk to the kids and entertain them.  It made a huge difference.  Three happy kids with full tummies we set off to do a spot of shopping.

The girls feet haven't grown since their last school shoes, so they didn't need new shoes.  Little Man did, so we picked him up a pair.  We found all the things the girls needed.  New school jackets, P.E kits, trainers and some bits for junior parkrun.  I found the hydration vest I needed along with a light weight jacket for running.  A rather successful shopping trip.

York designer outlet also have a range of activities on for the kids over the summer, Summer Social.  In a rather large outdoor space, decorated with large bean bags, tables and chairs in bright colours, and live musicians we found circus skills.  The activity does vary but even so the space was simply beautiful to sit and chill, take some time out from shopping.

The girls wasted no time trying out new skills. My eldest determined to walk on the stilts, and my youngest wanting to do everything!  I got to play too, showing my eldest my stilt walking skills and my youngest how to spin a plate, that was until Little Man took a shinning to it!

The summer social space also features talented musicians.  Whilst there the entertainer was having rather a lot of fun with the children.  They were joining in with her, making different voice changes and it was lovely listening to the kids laughing and having fun with music too.

A ,,ore permanent addition to York designer outlet is the playground.  Plenty for all three of my children to do, although it was a little busy and given the size of the playground made it tricky to watch all 3 at one point.  My youngest daughter got stuck in a coil, only her!  Little Man really did not want to get back in the pushchair after playing with his sisters!

It was nearing 5 before we headed for one final treat, cake and a hot drink!  I actually could not believe we had spent an entire day at the outlet without one child complaining they were bored.  I think that is a win in itself, let alone we managed to find all the items on our list.

We had a wonderful day at York designer outlet and are looking forward to our next visit

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