Review : Schleich Mobile Vet Van

Ever since my youngest daughter could answer the question 'What do you want to do when you are older?' her answer has been make animals better or look after animals or care for animals.  Either way the profession is a vet, or something very similar.  She is an incredibly imaginative child and loves role play and make pretend games.

The Schleich Mobile Vet Van, which is part of the Schleich horse club range, is a well matched toy for my youngest daughter.  Suitable from age 5 to around 12 years old and with my youngest daughter 5 years old she absolutely loved it.

First the Schleich Mobile Vet Van comes with both a vet, who has bendable legs so can sit and drive the vet van, and a foal.  The van has safe clear plastic so you can see the vet in the van, and both doors can be opened. The foal is hand painted and contains some beautiful detail.  Everything fits inside the mobile vet van so it can all be taken with you as you drive around the countryside.

The vet van has an X-Ray machine for performing those all important assessments and of course a laptop to be able to see the results.  Along with medicines, food and a box to keep them all within.  The mobile vet van is perfect for any child who loves imaginative play.

There is some small assembly needed with the mobile vet van but the majority of this is sticking on the stickers.  My 5 year old and 7 year old helped to build the van and it took no time at all.  Some of the pieces, in particular the medicine bottle, are very very small and I have had to make sure my 1 year old does not get hold of them.  However, the box clearly states this is intended for play for the over 5s.  Without these small pieces my 1 year old does like to play with the van and the horse and vet, but we take out the other items before he plays.

The mobile vet van is well constructed and sturdy enough to support the play of all 3 of my children.  Even with what appears to be some very rough imaginative roads the van has not lost any paint or chipped which is a good sign. 

Overall my youngest daughter loves the Schleich mobile vet van.  Both well built and lovely colours it appeals to her creative and imaginative side and she has so far come up with some amazing adventures and journeys.  The vet van has been combined in play with our other Schleich products to create an even bigger adventure!

Thanks to Schleich for sending the mobile vet van for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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