Review : Fuzzy Felt

Recently Royal Mail has released a new stamp collection featuring some of the most iconic and loved British toys.  As I looked through the list of featured toys on the stamps I saw many of my favourite toys from childhood.  As the girls have got older they have been given as gifts many of the featured toys.  One however I have been hunting high and low for, Fuzzy felt.

I remember having hours of fun with fuzzy felt as a kid.  Creating pictures with the shapes, or sometimes making patterns.  It was a way to wind down and some quite time too.  The girls were sent a fuzzy felt set to play with and I think I was more excited than them.

We opened the box and as it was our first play we had to remove all the pieces from the foam backing.  It took a little bit of time and for some reason it was easier to remove the red pieces than the yellow?  I was worried that some of the pieces might rip as we had to pull quite hard to un stick them, but luckily non did.  We did have a few with fluffy edges but a pair of scissors and a lot of care soon solved that.

It didn't take long before the girls began creating their masterpiece.  

The girls would stick and then move the pieces around to get them just right.  Talking about what would go where and how they wanted the picture to look.  They had so many bright coloured pieces to choose from that it did take them some time to decide on what to create.

It was time to start putting the last few pieces into place.  The picture then started to evolve as the girls began to play with the fuzzy felt shapes.  Creating a story about the farmer and his animals.  

They were ever so pleased with the picture they had created and the imaginative world for the farmer and his animals. 

It was rather lovely listening to them playing and using their imaginations.  I love that the girls can enjoy and iconic toy and that fuzzy felt is still as much fun now as it was many years ago!

We received a box of fuzzy felt in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. We are big fans of Fuzzy Felt, I have a couple of sets and am planning on some more for birthdays this year x


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