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Last week the amazing feel the happiness giveaway with the Danish-owned global furniture chain JYSK ended.  The feel the happiness campaign was launched in conjunction with JYSK opening their 2,500th store.  A few days after announcing the winner I received a lovely message on Facebook from the winner who loves her prizes, she was certainly happy and it made my day to hear how happy she was too.  As part of the giveaway JYSK wanted to know what made you happy and the results have now been published.

The 2017 world happiness report showed the UK at number 19, rising from number 23, which means we are getting happier.  Norway, Denmark and Iceland in first, second and third places. The domination of the top spots by Scandinavian countries is down to many factors, one of which is Hygge – the Scandinavian practice of making calming, peaceful, comfortable and beautiful spaces at home. Hygge has gathered a huge following in British homes recently and it is perhaps no surprise that the survey results from JYSK feel the happiness campaign reflect this.

The British top 20: what makes us happiest at home.

1. Clean and tidy house – everything in its place
2. Favourite people and things all in one place
3. Pets – snuggling with cat/dog on the sofa
4. Playing with the kids
5. Our own bed with clean sheets and particularly when it’s raining outside
6. ‘Me time’ after kids & bedtime
7. Fairy lights and candles/soft lighting/natural lighting
8. Darker nights making it cosier inside, snuggling on sofa with throws & cushions
9. A real fire
10. Grandchildren over for games & cuddles
11. Partner cooking dinner
12. Pyjamas/bedtime
13. Night in DVD, family , chocolate
14. Home cooking/smell of
15. Sofa, throws, cushions, family
16. Reading in a comfortable armchair
17. Cuddling on sofa
18. Family and friends meals/relaxing
19. Pyjama TV box set ‘binge’
20. Time with pets and kids

*JYSK analysed a sample of 1,000 taken from an engagement of 30,000 around its Feel the
Happiness initiative. The sample is from across the UK’s nations and regions, collected from
followers of leading home and family bloggers.

The top 20 is such a lovely list that any of those items would make me feel happy.  It is all about comfort and feeling loved and that is what has been so great looking through the survey results, any of those items could have been number 1 and we would have all agreed.  I do agree that when the house is clean and tidy everything else seems so much better, I find it much easier to relax!

Do you agree with the results and is your item on the list?

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