A magical evening

We have just returned from a rather magical evening.  I picked the girls up from school as usual, only they got rather confused when I started driving in a different direction.  They soon guessed where we were headed as many of their school friends had been talking about Disney On Ice Passport To Adventure.

After a special treat of Five guys for dinner, we love the food there, I had a surprise for them.  We headed over the the FlyDSA arena in Sheffield and took a walk upstairs.  It was there that two special guests were waiting for them.  They could not believe their eyes and ran straight over rather excitedly.  Even the class teddy, which we have for the week, got in for the photo taking!

The excitement was far too much for Little Man who simply wanted to play with the balloons.  He had a bit of a tantrum when we had to go find our seats as he was unable to take the balloons with him.

We took our seats and having left the big camera at home knew I had my work cut out to get some ok photos.  The girls were incredibly excited, Little Man just looked confused.  Then the arena went dark, the show began and everyone was gripped by the lights on the ice.

The show focuses on multiple Disney stories, with a lot of focus seemingly on Peter Pan.  Whilst a well loved story I personally felt their was too much emphasis on Peter Pan and it could have been much shorter.  The main Peter Pan scene though was very captivating, and had Little Man's full attention.  Not sure if it was the bright lights, the pirate ship or the large crocodile but he certainly enjoyed it!

The second half seemed to go incredibly quickly.  Little Man was clapping along to the music and having a dance.  Before getting a bit tired and coming for a cuddle.  Then repeating and doing the same again.

The end scenes are often my favourite as there are many characters on the ice.  I prefer these busier scenes to the quieter ones where there are often only 2 characters on the ice.  I think the colour and energy is much more captivating.  

The show seemed to be over really quickly, but actually it was 2 hours.  All three children behaved and sat through the show which I was pleased about.  I asked the girls their favourite parts and my youngest liked Little Mermaid and my eldest liked the Lion King.  Both girls asked why there was not as many princesses this year, or toy story so I had to explain the show is different.  My favourite to date is still the show with Rapunzel and the aerial acrobatics, it was amazing.  

Disney on Ice holds a special place with myself and the girls, and hopefully Little Man too.  We love watching the performance and for us it signifies that Winter is coming.  This years show is certainly worth watching.

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