My new office with JYSK

I have started this post so many times, I keep writing and rewriting as whatever I type doesn’t seem to do justice to how I feel right now. I am just so incredibly happy. I really cannot put it into words what it means to me to have my own space at long last. A space I can work in, a space the children can join me whilst I work, a space to work out in and I space I can setup to expand my photography business too.  I space that all these things can co exist but without feeling cluttered and overwhelmed, I just love it.

The walls have been painted a modern and neutral grey, the light still reflects really well and the room feels clean and modern.  I opted for modern white furniture from JYSK, the Danish-owned global furniture chain, in order to keep with the modern feel for the room.  The furniture arrived flat packed, and I have to say I was surprised when the desk was in one box.  I was eager to build them and wanted to do so when Little Man was napping, only he had other ideas and wanted to help me too.

Within 10 minutes I had screwed the feet onto my sofa, the only assembly that was required, and that was with Little Man helping me.  After 15 minutes I had built my desk, complete with draw.  There was no stopping me, Little Man was helping by placing random screws in places and using the allen key for everything and anything.  The hardest thing to build was the bookcase, but that was mainly due to Little Man wanting to climb on the shelves as I was trying to assemble them.  Within 45 minutes I had built a Sofa, desk and bookcase and the furniture was ready to be positioned in the room.

I could not be more impressed, as you would never know the furniture was self assembly.  Each piece feels solid and well manufactured.  It has withstood a 1 year old trying to assemble them and myself moving them around the room to get them positioned in the correct place.

When I pictured my office space in my head I wanted clean and modern and uncluttered.  I tend to think better when things are put away, everything in its place, and so storage was a big must have for me.  I wanted to draw some inspiration from Hygge – the Scandinavian practice of making calming, peaceful, comfortable and beautiful spaces at home, and feel I have achieved this.  

My office space is everything I could have wanted and more.  Beautiful modern furniture from JYSK, calm and peaceful place to work and a beautiful addition to our home.  I could not be happier.

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