Vampirina : Twitter party and toy review

My youngest daughter keeps singing 'I maybe blue with pointy teeth,  It may seem strange but it's true, I'm just like you.' and I am guessing if you have a child aged between 4 and 9 you probably also have the same song sung at you most of the day too. It is of course the theme song from the brand new Disney Junior show Vampirina.

To say Vampirina has become a hit in our house would be a bit of an understatement. Both the girls at 5 and 7 love the show, and Little Man can even be caught dancing along to the theme tune. If you haven't seen the show Vampirina is a young vampire who moves with her family from Transylvania to a neighbourhood in Pennsylvania. Vampirina is not only the new kid in town but she must also go through the joys of fitting in with her human classmates. The underlying message to the show is learning how to look past a person's difference and find the piece that makes us all individual and special. 

To accompany the show there are now a great range of toys available and we have been lucky enough to put three of them to the test.

Vampirina Spookylele and Gloves
Vampirina Bat-tastic talking Vee and Wolfie
Hauntley's Mobile

Vampirina Bat-tastic talking Vee and Wolfie

This Vampirina doll is 30cm tall and comes with her loyal friend Wolfie. Vampirina can fly through the air to make fun sounds and you can also press her necklace to hear her say phrases from the tv show.

As she talks her wings light up a beautiful blue colour.

My youngest loved flying her through the air and then stopping to talk to Wolfie. She would sing the theme tune as she flew Vampirina around. Vampirina has beautiful detailing to her dress and is the perfect size for my 5 year old daughter to play with. My daughter even loved that the hair clips can come out of Vampirina hair, but was a little disappointed I couldn't fit them into her own hair! 

Hauntley's Mobile

Little Man took a liking to the Hauntley's mobile, mainly because it is very car like. The vehicle comes with a mini Vampirina figure inside which Little Man also had great fun putting inside the car.

I think what Little Man also loved is the lights and music that the vehicle makes, he is nearly 2 and so it really appealed to him.  The vehicle itself feels very robust so should be able to withstand Little Man playing and also his older sisters. There is some great detailing on the vehicle and it is of a good size for both Little and not so little hands to play with.

The back of the vehicle also transforms into a movie theatre which is an added bonus in play and has sparked some really imaginative stories from my youngest daughter.

Vampirina Spookylele and Gloves

I think out of all the toys this had to be the favourite one. My youngest never took the gloves off, and both girls wanted a pair. My youngest loved playing to hear to theme tune so she could sing along. In addition you can also hear additional music and guitar riffs. Little Man loved both the music and the flashing lights. It certainly is a hit toy in our house and appeals to all ages who are fans of the show.

 The Vampirina toy range is available now and more details can be found here

On the 28th February we are going to be joining in with and their twitter party between 1pm and 3pm. During the party there will be spot prizes, competitions and more fun and games. Make sure you are following myself @thisdayilove and @ukmumstv over on twitter and use the #Vampirinatoys to take part. 

For even more chances to win some amazing Vampirina goodies you can also check out on February 26th where there will also be further details of the twitter party!

We are Vampirina party hosts and have received payment for this post

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