Capturing those precious memories

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do for a living. When it is 2am and I am sat at my computer writing blog posts or editing photos it never feels like work. It feels right. When I go out to meet a family or a couple or a client for a photo shoot my camera feels a part of me, like it was meant to be there. Time simply flies. Even editing the photos late into the night, I just loose track of time.

I wouldn't change any of it. Of course I want to improve and increase my skill set, but I can never see me not holding my camera or writing this blog. My passion has always been capturing the story as it unfolds. Both my blog and my photography allow me to do this. With 3 children I now have hundreds of photos which tell the story of their childhood.

I need to get this on a sign for my husbands office! This is exactly how he feels about his job as an Ag teacher and  FFA advisor.

Looking back through all the photos is simply wonderful. It brings back feelings and emotions from the time. I cannot believe how much more children have grown and changed in such a short space of time. A memory came on my time line of my eldest daughter talking about colours. In the video she is 2, but it feels like yesterday.

Many of these memories are proudly displayed on the walls of my house. Some I even turn into photo books but many others are waiting to be displayed. Finding wall space is one issue, but also working out which image to use as I have so many favourites.

Up until recently I had no idea that you could print your photo onto metal so that the image can be hung outside if you wish. This has been a real game changer as it has opened up more possibilities. The ability to print some of my treasured memories onto metal means I can begin to transform our outdoor space, so that it becomes an extension of indoors.

The girls can choose some of their favourite images too which we can then use to hang in the fairy garden. We can also add splashes of colour onto the walls of the sheltered seating area. 

I sent the above image to Hello Canvas to do just that. Create a metal outdoor image to hang in the outdoor seating area. The whole ordering process was quick and simple, the hardest part was working out what image to use. A swift delivery followed, and my beautiful metal print was ready to be hung outside. Unfortunately what also followed was rather a lot of snow, several days of the children off school and now a rather cold snap meaning I have not had time to hang it up outside yet.

I cannot wait until the weather becomes brighter so I can get outside to hang my print up. The colours are bright and bold. I opted for a high gloss look so it has a premium shine to it. The print feels excellent quality and strong enough to withhold whatever the weather throws at it. In fact when I look at it I cannot tell it is printed onto metal.

The print I chose is 20x30cm and is really light weight. There are other sizes available too. On the black are holes ready for the print to be hung up, so there is no messing around and you can hang it up straight from delivery. All I need now is some nice weather to be able to get outside!

Thanks to Hello Canvas for sending the print in exchange for this post, I really cannot wait to hang it up and add a splash of colour to our garden seating area!

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