Snow Day Part 1

Last Wednesday we awoke to a snow day. School was cancelled and I had three children at home to entertain, something I had not planned for. I am slowly introducing the concept of potty training to Little Man and a snow day could not have come at a worse time. I put potty training on hold for the day and when Grandad made a surprise visit we went out to play in the snow.

We got the sledges out and made the most of a quite street. Something we have never managed to do before due to cars speeding up our street and the extra space plus the fact we lived on a hill made for some great fun. J wanted to get in on the action, he loves snow. He still cannot figure out where the snowball goes when you throw it and spends ages digging in the snow looking for it.

Once we had lost feeling in our fingers and toes we came inside to warm up. Little Mans birthday was on the Friday and the girls wanted to bake him a cake, or find an excuse to eat icing.

The girls, baked and decorated their cake for their brother. A true master piece of sugar and featuring every colour known to man. Still they were proud of their creation and I am pretty sure Little Man was just happy he could eat it.

That evening we got all cosy and decided to play a board game. The girls wanted to play Enchanted Forest. Enchanted Forest is a board game aimed at ages 4+, and tests a persons memory skills.

The girls began to move their pieces around the board according to the dice. Their aim to see what each tree was hiding. 

Underneath each tree, there are 13, is a picture from a fairy tale. The aim of the game is to find the tree which matches that of the card in the castle. It is then a race to the castle to uncover the tree and show to all the other players.

There was lots of sneaky tree peaking. My eldest worked out if she went to the castle we assumed she knew where the matching tree was and kept tricking us. My youngest kept the picture on the tree a secret and would use her whole body to shield us as she took a look. There was then a race to the castle as soon as one of the girls found the right treasure under the tree.

Once you have identified the right tree you turn the card over and the hunt begins again, unless of course you can remember which tree holds this treasure. 

The Enchanted Forest game continued into the evening. Snow was falling again outside and we had a feeling a second snow day would be on the cards. 

Enchanted Forest was sent to us for review, all words are my own opinion 

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