Disney On Ice presents World Of Enchantment.

The girls went to school today thinking it would just be a normal day. I on the other hand have been excited all day to pick them up from school. As usual the girls asked if we were doing anything in the playground and when I told them they were bouncing all the way home.

We had a rather quick dinner as we needed to travel to Leeds in rush hour traffic, but the rushing was all worth it for the surprise that greeted us

Little Man couldn't wait in line and was eager to meet Mickey Mouse, until the moment we got to the front of the queue. He then got scared and his big sister scooped him up. As soon as we walked away he wanted to go back again!

After pondering over the choices of popcorn, sweets and candy floss we finally took our seats. The girls were excited for the show to start and Little Man was just excited to eat popcorn. He didn't want to share though!

The show started with a warm up and Little Man started dancing. Mickey and friends then took to the ice and Little Man started pointing and clapping. The show started and we were transported through a variety of Disney worlds.

Little Man really got into the show and danced and clapped throughout, there are videos of him on my Instagram if you want to take a look. Both girls loved the show too and were singing along to their favourite songs.

As you would expect the show was great family entertainment, with all three of my children [ages 2 to 7] loving the performance. My youngest kept asking when she could ride in the boat, and my eldest kept pretending to be 'too old' for Disney, but she was loving every second!

We all had a fantastic evening and time seemed to fly by far too fast. We couldn't quite believe it when the show ended, it felt like it had only just began but sure enough it was time to head back out into the cold and to the car to make our way home.

The girls were still excited when we got in the car to go home. Each saying they had a fantastic evening. All the dancing had tired out Little Man who soon fell asleep. 

We were provided tickets to see Disney On Ice, all words are my own opinion. 

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