Fun in the sun with Little Tikes Splash Face

Ever since the postman delivered the Little Tikes Splash Face the girls have been itching to get outside and play. The problem however has been the weather. Snow, grey skies, rain and wind not to mention the cold temperatures are not the ideal condition for playing with a game in which you get very wet. So we waited and waited some more.

Yesterday it seems the weather Gods were looking down on us in favour. The sun shone. The temperature went above 20 and the wind was non existent. Perfect. The girls came home from school and were so happy to see I'd assembled Splash Face ready for them to play. It only took a quick 5 mins and the only tool I needed was a screwdriver. Off into the garden we went.

I used a hammer to ensure the pegs stayed in the ground, this was to make sure splash face stayed upright with all the tugging during the game and then I went to get the hose pipe. Here we encountered our one and only issue. The connector supplied on the Splash Face didn't fit with out hose pipe. The engineer in me wasn't going to be beaten. I rummaged around the kitchen found some electrical tape and wooden skewers and before you knew it I'd fashioned a fix to make the hose pipe stay in place.

Although only a temporary fix as I shall go and purchase a connector to ensure longer play. It mattered not. The girls began tugging and splashing each other. As they tugged the other got squirted with water. Much to the delight of their sibling. The garden was filled with shrieks of delight. Little man trying to get in on the fun too.

A temporary fix is just that, temporary. I had to keep putting the hose back on but that's no fault of Little Tikes, simply I need a different adaptor. The girls soaked to the bone but with huge smiles and lots of giggles. Little Man kept running off with the hose pipe and trying to get in on the fun.

Splash Face was certainly worth the wait. The girls loved it. Little man loved it. I best get to the garden centre and buy an adaptor so they can play for longer. I can see it featuring heavily in our garden during the warm weather.

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