Review : Fletter

Fletter is the fast thinking, even faster acting card game and whilst recommended for ages 8 and up my youngest at 5 has been playing along too!

Fletter has a very simple concept, see the word, say the word, snatch the letters. Each letter is assigned a point value and the player with the most points wins. Simple. Except it isn't quite that simple. First you start with 3 letter words, next game 4 letter words and so on and so forth. My youngest at 5 found it really easy to come up with 3 letter words but my 7 year old found 4 letters much easier. I guess that goes to show the words you use in daily vocabulary.

There is no taking turns, as soon as you spot a word you shout it out and take the letters. No words can be repeated by any player, which makes it tricky trying to remember which words have already been said. As you can imagine as the cards on the table get less it also becomes harder to make new words.

Fletter has been really good for introducing new words to the girls, as some of the words I have spotted they have never heard of, but it has also been great to practise spellings with too. 

As Fletter is two decks of cards it makes it really portable and perfect for travelling but you do need space to play as you need to be able to spread out the cards to see the letters. It is a really fun, fast game to play and although the age is recommended for ages 8 and up you can adapt the game to accommodate younger players. 

Fletter is a lot of fun and certainly one both girls enjoy playing.

We were sent the game free for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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