LOL Pearl surprise

Last Easter the girls went on an LOL surprise Easter hunt. They ran around the garden looking for their treasure and of course the main surprise, the LOL surprise. Since then the girls have love LOL surprise. Asking for a LOL surprise as a treat for their reward and of course they wanted the larger LOL for Christmas. 

When the email arrived asking if the girls wanted to take a look at the LOL pearl surprise they of course immediately said yes. They could not wait for it to arrive and took great pride in unboxing, even wanting to video them doing so.

The LOL Pearl surprise contained six different outfits for the 2 dolls inside and a baby bottle too. The dolls themselves were contained within a hidden clam shell. The girls found this great fun and laughed as the water fizzed to reveal the clam inside.

The two dolls inside are dressed with the outfits contained inside the pearl and when placed in cold water change colours. Our water seemingly doesn't go quite cold enough so I often find the doll sat in a bowl of water in the fridge.

LOL Pearl surprise was certainly a good surprise for the girls and as you can see in the video they loved the contents!

All words are my own opinion. The LOL surprise pearl was provided for review. 

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