Never stop exploring

It feels rather strange when you close the tab in your browser that for the past 16 weeks has been sat open. The tab contains the training plan which you have trained your hardest to follow. Some weeks spot on perfect and others life just got in the way, but that's just the way it is and nothing could be done to change it. In some ways you breath a small sigh of relief as you can now be less careful and have a little bit more fun.

My true love with running lies off road. Just running off the track, exploring and seeing where I end up. Usually lost and covered in mud, but that's all part of the fun. Training for the marathons I had to put these kinds of runs to one side. The risk of injury is great, and it was a risk I had to eliminate. Now, however I have a small window of opportunity before training begins again and I plan to be off exploring.

When I explore I like to make sure I take full kit with me. This includes map, compass, whistle, food, water, foil blanket, spare clothes and waterproofs. In addition I like to ensure I am wearing the right kit. I am most comfortable in trainers, I spend all day in them, so ensure when I go off road I have a suitable trainer type shoe to cope with all the different terrains. Bouncing from one surface to another, steep hills and the uneven ground means any shoe I wear has got to have good grip. 

I shall admit that I fell in love with the North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack Lite II GTX trail shoe. Lightweight, waterproof and with some excellent grip they sounded perfect. They would be sure to give me the support and grip I need offroad. 

I actually squealed when the postman delivered them to the door. I had been sent them from Simply Hike and they arrived really quickly. I haven't yet had chance to try them out and explore as London marathon was only a week ago, however I cannot wait. I cannot wait to be covered in mud, lost in the hills and exploring off the beaten track!

Thank you to North Face and Simply Hike, all words are my own opinion 

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