March running update

March started as February left off, snow. Then more snow. Just for good measure more snow. Races were cancelled and it was simply cold. The thought of long runs made even less appealing but training continued. A 21.5 miles run on ice and snow, took longer than expected but was lots of fun too. 

The majority of races in March were cancelled. One of the few that did go ahead was Retford Half. It was freezing cold, then at random points on course boiling hot. It made for difficult running. A rather undulating route, is perhaps the most polite way to put it, I wasn't a fan. I am not sure I was geared up to enjoy the race before it started and perhaps this contributed to the fact I didn't enjoy it. Who knows, either way I won't be entering again. On the positive side I did meet a rather lovely lady and we spent our last few miles together.

Training also meant I had to some times fit a run into an already busy day. Often this meant taking Little Man out in his pushchair. Incredibly hard work as he wants to stop to look at everything, but at the end of the day it is better than nothing. 

I have also been trying to do more cross training in March. Spin classes and swimming. I really enjoy the spin class at my local gym, but it is often booked up so I haven't been as much as I wanted to. 

You may also notice on the bike an orange bottle. March was an amazing month for me in that I became an ambassador for Active Root. The orange bottle is an active root bottle. I have been using active root on all my long distance training and will be also using on my marathon. You can read more in my review here

As March continued training got harder. Having to reshuffle days around snow days. Re organising cancelled races, and trying whenever and wherever possible to fit runs in. I struggled with my long runs and began to doubt the marathon.

My eldest daughter decided she wanted to start running adult parkrun again. She is such a strong girl and also very determined. Her running is fantastic, and when she wants to sprint I cannot keep up with her. It provides great speed training for me when she does. She has run 2 parkruns this month and on both has got herself a PB. I could not be more proud of her. 

I also became an ambassador for Just Strong Clothing. I love the ethos of Just Strong clothing, as they want to empower women from all walks of life to be strong. I aim to do this for my daughters, to motivate them to be strong and so I am really pleased to be an ambassador for Just Strong Clothing. You can use my code LEYLABRO10 for a discount on any orders placed on their store.

March drew to an end with good social training runs with great friends and of course Easter. It also brings with it the realisation that in April I run two marathons. Nerves are now starting to kick in. Training has not gone according to plan that is for sure. Let's just hope I have done enough. 

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  1. You are awesome! Two marathons in April! I still haven't run a marathon, but still feel I have to run at least one. I'm probably going to run a half in May. Your daughter is amazing too. My kids dip in and out of parkrun, but they're not as fast as me! My daughter is a lot slower (but she can still always beat me on a sprint.)


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