National Sibling Day

Today is national sibling day.

The relationships between my three children are all very different. The girls are incredibly close, but with the closeness also comes an intense emotion which can result in arguments. Yet when apart they miss each other terribly. Little Man has a different relationship with each of his sisters, he watches exactly what they do and then copies them. He loves them both so much and rather than distinguishing between them would much rather shout 'Sisters' to gain both of their attention. 

They have taught him the joys of jumping and splashing in puddles, he now has to jump in every single one!

When they paint or bake or craft, then he has to do the same.

They taught him how to blow out his candle on his birthday cake.

When they go to school he misses them. He finds their toys, their dolls and their babies and he sits with them. 

I do often find it rather amusing he chooses to sit with the BABY Born sister doll, but he seems to like that one the best. Not sure if it's because the doll is bigger than the others, or the fact he sees his sisters playing with her often, or maybe because she can sit down next to him. Whatever it is he seems to enjoy her company.

He gets all excited when I tell him its time to go pick his sisters up from school. He runs to get his shoes and coat and attempts to put them on. 

To see the three of them back together is so lovely, he misses his sisters. I feel lucky that I get to watch the bond between the three of them grow as they get older.

We are working with BABY Born for National sibling day. 

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