Potty training round 3

A few weeks ago I started potty training Little Man. I never realised how much harder it would be this time around. With the girls we were never defined by time and so we had the freedom or perhaps luxury to 'be in all day' or take our time. Little Man doesn't have this. We have school pick ups and drop offs, we have after school clubs and sporting events to get to. Birthday parties to attend and not to mention now 3 small humans who want my attention. It's really tricky and feels very stop start.

I think this is making it harder for him to grasp the concept. He's fine when naked from the waist down. He happily finds his potty and does what he needs to do, but the second you put trousers/pants or both on him then he forgets and becomes lazy again. You can ask him but he says no. Don't try and force him because he gets cross. It seems we are making very little progress.

What he does like though is his independence. He doesn't want to wear nappies any more and protests when you try and change him. He loves his toilet seat because he can put it on the toilet himself and he finds it comfy to sit on. He loves that he is in control. He loves the praise he gets and the rewards afterwards too. I am hoping it is just a matter of time before he cracks it.

I've tried to stick with the same format as I did with the girls. We have lots of potties around the house, making it easy to get to one quick if he needs to. We also have a BABYBJÖRN Toilet Training Seat in the downstairs bathroom. The reason we chose the BABYBJÖRN Toilet Training Seat over other toilet seats is because of the ability to alter the size meaning it has a secure fit on any toilet. The ergonomic seat is then much more stable and doesn't have that rock which many other seats do. I also like the fact there is a inbuilt splash guard to help prevent spills, particularly important with boys and that it is really easy to keep clean.

I never experienced this with the girls, they hated the sensation of an accident and so would tell me straight away. This in turn stopped them from having further accidents. Little Man however doesn't seem to mind and finds it rather funny there is now a puddle to splash in.

If you have any tips or tricks to help I would love to know what they are!

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