Review : Purple Daisies bed bumper

When Little Man decided to start climbing out of his cot bed I made the decision to remove the side for his own safety. Falling from a small height much safer than the top of the side. Only with it has brought about new challenges, he falls out of bed. The girls never fell out of bed. Tell a lie my youngest fell out of bed once, but never after that. Little Man however falls out several times a night.

This unbroken sleep is no good for him or for me. I hear him not only fall out of bed but then scramble around on the floor in his half asleep state. I have found him under the cot before and whilst I put cushions to help pad his fall he always seems to end up somewhere random in his room. I knew if I put up a side he would climb over it but I needed something to stop him falling out of bed.

Purple Daisies got in touch at just the right moment and asked if we wanted to try one of their bed bumpers. The email could not have come at a better time and of course I said yes. I opted for an original bed bumper and shortly after responding to the email a long package arrived at my house.

Inside where two foam wedges. Incredibly light weight and soft and with full instructions of how to place on the mattress. There is no assembly required and this also makes them fully portable. The bed bumpers whilst made of foam are also firm so they retain their shape. Given how lightweight they are I shall be taking them with us on holidays too. 

I placed one of the bed bumpers on the mattress and pulled over the fitted sheet. It created a side that looked just enough to stop him falling out but not too tall so he couldn't get out of bed on his own. He never noticed the bed bumper was there and climbed into bed as normal that night. I was pleasantly surprised he was able to do so and even more happy that is stayed in place. He went to sleep and I waited.

I waited for a bang

I kept waiting.

I hardly slept as I kept waking up and checking he was still in bed.

For the first time Little Man slept through. I did think it might be a fluke but sure enough he now sleeps through the night. 

Purple Daisies bed bumpers are not only award winning they are life changing. I now have a Little Boy who can sleep in his own big boy bed without falling out. I shall soon be removing the other cot side and placing a Purple Daisies bed bumper here too. They are really discreet so I tried to take a photo from a different angle to show you it in place, but both Little Man and I are really happy we can finally get some sleep!

Product mentioned was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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