A new brother

Little Man has started potty training. He has shown all the signs for some time and so over the half term holiday we took the leap and started. He's sort of got the idea, but I have to say the girls were a lot easier to potty train. I think the third is harder anyway. He has to fit in around the girls and their various clubs, whereas when I just had the girls we could simply spend all day at home and focus solely on potty training.

To help Little Man we have enlisted the help of Baby Annabell brother. Baby Annabell brother is also able to use the potty. When you push the blue love heart on his tummy he does a wee, the girls seem to find this rather amusing. However, it has really helped Little Man who often sits next to Baby Annabell brother.

Baby Annabell brother has also been really helpful in showing Little Man how to pull up and down his shorts/pants. We use the clothes on Baby Annabell brother to practise and Little Man has been able to get to grips with the skill.

The girls also love Baby Annabell brother they take care of him when he cries, and when they lie him down he closes his eyes and falls asleep. He makes sounds just like a real baby and the girls love to take care of him. They even change his nappy, which is something they didn't do for their real brother!

Baby Annabell brother is very well looked after by the girls. They feed him and even remember to burp him. He does get unsettled if they don't wind him properly. Lucky for the girls he seems to be a very good sleeper. 

The girls take it in turns to have Baby Annabell brother in their rooms and who is going to look after him today. The one thing they do agree on though and that's his name. Louis. I think perhaps the Royal baby might have been the inspiration! It is safe to say that Louis has very loving older siblings.

Baby Annabell brother was sent for review. All words are my own opinion. 

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