Review : Moj Moj!

Moj Moj! are a new collectable series and the first series is named "😀" . The series brings to life emojis and with over 95 characters to collect there is everything from puppies to poke and everything in between. 

The girls had 3 blind bags to open and each bag contained 2 Moj Moj! The Moj Moj! characters were very squishy and the girls seem to use them almost as stress relievers, well not really for stress but I cannot liken it to anything else. Moj Moj! also are quite sticky, not when in your hands but they do stick to the ceiling and walls as my daughters discovered.

I can see the colourful Moj Moj! characters becoming quite collectable with the girls. They both find them rather cute and with the thought of not only rare but ultra rare Moj Moj to collect the girls seem to want them all.

So soft, so cute…#SoMoj.  

We were sent the items to review in exchange for a post. All words are my own opinion  

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