CBBC Summer social

I bundled the kids into the car very early on Saturday. The journey to Liverpool takes around 2 hours, sometimes a little quicker, and we wanted to get there for 10. The girls did not know where we were heading, a surprise treat for them was all they knew. Little Man was, as always, just happy to be doing something.

The journey to Liverpool was for the CBBC Summer Social festival. An incredible amount of CBBC, CBeebies and music artists were lined up. Many of the music acts the girls had not heard of, we don't tend to watch many of the music programs like the voice, Britain's got talent or Xfactor, which is where many of the acts were from, but they did know a lot of the CBBC and Cbeebies stars and I was excited to see how they would react watching them live.

CBBC Summer Social was held in the very beautiful grounds of Croxteth Hall. Traditional fair ground rides scattered on the lawn along with the various stages. We took our time walking around to get our bearings before starting out on the rides.

As well as the stages were we could watch performances, the girls and Little Man were lucky enough to meet some of their favourite artists.

Mr Tumble has been a favourite of all of my children. Little Man was star struck. He watched him on the main stage. Danced around and joined in with the Hockey Cokey and was giggling all the way through. He then got to meet him and just didn't know what to do with himself, so hid!

Both my girls love SwashBuckle. They have asked several times if they can take part in the show. They watch it on repeat! Imagine their delight when they got to help Cook and Line work out who should be Captain whilst Captain Captain was away. My eldest got a bit shy when we went to meet them, but my youngest challenged them to a floss dance off. Watch the video on YouTube to see how it went!

Our final meet and greet was with Operation Ouch. I loved the live show, as did the girls. They make learning about biology and the human body fascinating and are really engaging. If you don't know who they are you really need to watch an episode! They were incredibly popular and had a huge line waiting for them, even so they took time to greet everyone and never made anyone feel rushed!

Included in our ticket was a visit to the farm. Well we could not pass up the opportunity to visit some animals. We bought a box of food and made our way around the farm. Little Man insisting on feeding everything.

It was time to take a break and chill out, eating ice cream in the sun. The grounds were beautiful and after a rest we decided to explore the walled gardens and take part in the craft activities. 

There was plenty to keep us busy. We took a 'horrible history' tour of the house and learned some very interesting facts. Even spotting the finger marks in the bricks. 

Our day had flown by far too quickly. We seemed to have done so much, yet only touched the surface of what was on offer. CBBC Summer social had appealed to all my children and kept us busy for the whole day. We made some fantastic memories and it was no surprise that I had three very sleepy children on the way home!

We shall be keeping a look out for tickets for next year as we would love to visit again!

Thank you for inviting us and providing us with tickets to the festival, words in this post are my own and my own opinion. 

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