Walking with Dinosaurs

Although it was my daughters birthday yesterday I decided to treat her again tonight. Her Grandparents for her birthday have bought her a fitbit and at the moment she likes to find out how many steps she can do in a day. Imagine her delight when I told her that tonight we would be walking with dinosaurs. Only she thought we were actually going for a walk with them.

After explaining what was actually happening she got over the disappointment of not actually walking with them and began to get excited about the show itself. As we sat in the arena waiting for the show to start we could hear the roars of the dinosaurs echoing around us. Little Man heard them too and kept asking where the dinosaurs where.

Not knowing what to expect I wasn't really sure if Little Man would fully understand what was happening but he was completely captivated. He kept asking when they would come again. The girls listened as they were told many interesting dinosaur facts and watched with fascination as they were brought to life.

My youngest daughter kept asking if they were real. They were incredibly realistic, although I haven't actually met a dinosaur it is how I would imagine them to be. I was worried we might not be able to see but actually we saw so much detail even from sitting half way up the arena. Little Man was on the edge of his seat the entire night and got quite angry when the interval came on.

The show takes you on a discovery across the dinosaurs. Following evolution and how they changed and adapted through time. I found it really interesting to listen to and actually learnt quite a lot. The first half is 38 minutes followed by a 20 minute interval and a 42 minute second half. It honestly flew past and none of us wanted to leave our seats at the end. 

We saw so many different types of dinosaurs. Ones I had never heard of before and of course everyone's favourite T-Rex made an appearance. 

If you have chance to see the show I would highly recommend doing so. My 2 year old absolutely loved it, he was utterly captivated the entire evening. He knows nothing about dinosaurs! The girls also enjoyed the performance and I loved watching all the facts come to life. There was something for the whole family to enjoy. I also don't think I shall look at a bird the same way ever again.

We were invited to review the show and provided with tickets. All words are my own opinion. 

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