Review : Little Tikes Wonder Lab

Little Tikes have recently launched a brand new STEM range of products. The STEM range takes the core educational principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and maths and turns them into hours of creative fun. Hoping to inspire the next generation of scientists and ignite a child's imagination, we were certainly keen to put the Wonder Lab to the test.

The Wonder Lab has a RRP of £99.99 and features a brightly coloured lab, where you can complete one of the 20 included experiments or one of your own choosing, a circuit centre and a ball maze. The maze can be made in 16 different combinations.

The girls, aged 6 and 8, were eager to put together their Wonder Lab and insisted on wearing their lab coats to do so. The wonder lab has two hooks on the side where they hang their lab coats when they have finished their experiments, which I find rather sweet. Lab coats were not included they had these already.

The lab requires a cross head screw driver and 3 AA batteries. The girls assembled the lab themselves apart from the screws, and we had fully assembled within a few minutes. The most difficult part was choosing which experiment to do first. The girls looked through the cards and chose slime, but I was unfortunately missing one of the ingredients, saline eye solution. They then choose vampire blood!

The instructions on the card are really simple to follow. My 6 year old daughter can follow them with ease. Colourful and clear pictures and simple steps, everything has been thought out. The majority of the experiments need house hold ingredients and those I did not have in I found in my local Asda today, so nothing obscure. 

Vampire blood was a huge success. There was mixing, measuring and pouring. Both girls said it was amazing and they felt like real scientists. It is the first time as well that both of them cleared up after themselves. In fact clean up is really easy as you simply lift the purple tray out and wash in the sink.

I have lost track of the number of experiments the girls have now done with their wonder lab, but they have made me film every one they have done. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to see their experiments. 

Whilst the girls love the experiments, Little Man at 2 years old has took a shine to the Wonder lab for the lights, sounds and of course the ball maze! He likes to sort the pieces into different colours, build mazes on the board for the ball to follow and his favourite is turning the dial in the circuit centre to change the colour of the lights! It would appear I now have three budding scientists thanks to the wonder lab for inspiring them and making science fun!

The wonder lab was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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