Review : Clementoni Unicorn

The baby Clementoni Interactive Unicorn Ride on is suitable from 12 months to 3 years. I was keen to put it to the test with my 2 year old son and his friend on their play dates.

First task was to assemble the Interactive Unicorn. It appeared we had lots of pieces and the instructions stated around 20 minutes assembly. With the help, and I use the term very loosely, of two 2 year olds I had managed to assembly within 10 minutes. It was really straight forward to do and the only additional tool you need is a screw driver and hammer. The unicorn also requires 2xAAA batteries to work which are included.

Once assembled you can choose to add on the rocker elements if you wish, but neither of my two testers wanted these on and instead opted for the ride on option. It is easy to change as you clip the rockers on to the wheels or simply un click to turn it back into a ride on.

The Interactive Unicorn also features three push buttons and a spin dial. You select either English or Spanish as your language via a switch on the side, this is also the on/off button. There is a star button on the unicorn head which lights and says phrases when pushed. The abc button says the letter followed by a phrase such as ' c, cuddles' The green button has 4 animals which says along with the animal noise, these also are on a rotation basis. The final spin dial is the numbers 1,2,3 although it doesn't necessarily say the number which is featured on the dial. After saying the number there is a small song.

The Ergonomic saddle means it is comfortable to both rock and ride for both my son and his friend. As you rock or ride the unicorn sensors detect the motion and songs are played as you ride. In addition the orange star on the unicorns face flashes and lights up.

Both two year olds have had no issues riding the unicorn over carpet or hard flooring. It has not slipped either when ridden on the hard surface. The rockers are really easy to attach and detach and my 6 year old has helped to swap from rocker into ride on mode. Assembly was quick and straight forward even when I had two little helpers who just wanted to play with the unicorn. The Interactive unicorn has been a hit with both children and I can see it lasting up until they both turn 3. I shall be putting a video live shortly of the unicorn in action.

Thanks to Clementoni for sending the Unicorn for review, all words are my own opinion.

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