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My eldest daughter kindly pointed out that J is 70 in human years. I had to stop in my tracks and think, how can that little puppy I brought home be 10 already. Surely she wasn't right. I begin calculating dates and sure enough she was correct, J is in fact 70. Although if you take into account his breed he is actually 56 but still classed as a senior dog.

When I stop and think about it I have noticed a change in his behaviour. He gets tired now on a 5km run, stopping to walk more and when we come back in he goes straight to his bed to sleep. We had to reduce the distance he ran due to arthritis in his hips, and thankfully in doing so he no longer seems to be suffering any pain with this. 

It did get me thinking though. I take Omega 3 supplements to help protect my joints with all the running I do, J often accompanies me with my running and given his age I should surely be giving him a supplement as well? I came across Actif pets they are are a small family business based in Kent whose goal is to provide holistic products that help dogs live a full life. They produce a flaxseed oil for dogs, it is a natural oil supplement rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is a great alternative for dog owners who want to give their dogs Salmon or Cod Liver oil but can’t stand the fishy smell. I was sent a bottle for J to try and was keen to give it a go.

I was actually surprised that there is no smell. Which is great when you consider you pour onto the dogs food. J didn't notice any difference either and ate his food as normal. In fact there was no change in his behaviour or his 'output' which I guess is another bonus. Even 6 weeks later there has been no change to any of the previously mentioned. 

The amount to give depends on the dog and is easy to follow with the instructions on the side of the bottle. Having given to J now for 6 weeks I have started to notice a shine to his coat and smoothness and as mentioned before he is no longer showing any signs of pain in his hip after a run which he was doing previously. This could however be done to the shorter distances or maybe its a combination. 

Actif Pets certainly seems to be working for J, and it gives me peace of mind that I am providing a little extra to help him now he has hit those senior years!

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