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I spent my childhood around aeroplanes. My Dad is a flying instructor and so I would spend weekends at the airfield. It perhaps goes as no surprise therefore that as a family we also love to travel and are always planning our next adventure.

Little Man seems to have developed a passion for planes too. He spots them in the sky when we are out walking and asks rather a lot 'where's plane gone?' if he cannot find one. I would love to have the money to buy our very own plane, I think that is probably the dream for most people, for now though Little Man has his very own plane and he could not be happier.

The bright blue plane comes complete with pilot and passenger. The figures legs bend allowing them to sit in the plane and they stand up independently too. In addition there is also a large plastic suitcase and some steps which can be wheeled into place ready for the passenger to leave the aircraft.

The plane is light weight so Little Man at three years old has no trouble carrying it around. The edges of the plane are smooth so not sharp areas either. The base is wood and left a natural wood colour, whereas the top of the plane is blue plastic.

Little Man enjoys opening up the door of the plane to reveal the seats for the pilot and passenger to sit in. He has tried to fit them in without bending the legs first, and whilst they do fit in the plane the door will not close. You have to bend their legs to make them sit for the door to close.

At an RRP of £19.99 it is certainly well priced. The plane appears durable to last and certainly has sparked the imagination of my three year old. The pieces are just the right size for his hands and he loves to fly his aeroplane around the house. I wonder where is next adventure will take him.

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