Creating a new bedroom for Little Man

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Little Man has just turned three. His sisters were in proper beds long before this age. My eldest moved into hers at fifteen months, as we needed the cot for her sister. My youngest daughter moved into hers at eighteen months old. I am not sure why Little Man was not moved into his bed sooner? Perhaps the task of finding a bed and fitting that into the daily life with three children meant that it kept falling further and further down the to do list. For whatever reason, three years old was the age he moved into his new bed.

Choosing the right bed for Little Man was not as straightforward as it first might seem. His room is the smallest room in the house. In addition it has awkward room fixtures meaning a bed can only go in one place. I therefore had to find a bed that would maximise the only space available. I also wanted one that would last, as in one that would grow with him. I didn’t want a theme bed, although I had to really talk myself out of the Lego bed I saw, and because he is in the smallest room he also needed a bed with storage.

The task was simple create a bedroom that has plenty of storage to keep clean and tidy, yet also has plenty of space to play and have fun. My Mum accompanied us and we went to look for a bed for Little Man.

I am pleased that Little Man chose his own bed. Although I was less pleased about how long it actually took me to build it! The great thing is not only does it have under bed storage but also a bed that pulls out and the bed can be stored all made up ready to sleep in. Now when Little Man wakes up in the night I can lie next to him in his bed whilst he falls asleep.

One of the items I do want to change in his room is his blind. Whilst it is a blackout blind it was in the house when we moved in. I never got round to changing it when I put his nursery together and it is something which I always wished I had changed. It is plain black and not very exciting. I am currently looking at Direct blinds to find a blind for his room. I am still undecided if to go for a plain colour or to pick one with a pattern, I might have my eye on the storm troopers [although it wouldn’t match his bedroom].

I have no plans to decorate his bedroom walls, as they are a nice neutral colour and so I can change the accessories in his room to suit his taste as he grows. He picked out a fun undersea bedding, which I also really like and plan on matching the rest of the room to the blues and greens in this. I might even pick out a blind to match this colour, or see if there is a sea themed one.

By simply changing the cot to a bed the room somehow seems bigger and brighter. The extra storage the bed provides means I can keep the room clean and tidy and the new accessories and blind create a fun space for him to grow up in. It would appear Little Man likes the change too as since he moved to his new bed he no longer wakes up as often during the night. 

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