Review : Spirit Riding Free Collection from Flair

The items featured in this post were sent for purpose of review. All words are my own opinion and no financial compensation has been received.

We received a rather exciting delivery recently, a selection of toys from the new Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free Collection from Flair. My eldest daughter was very keen to open the box and review the collection. At the end of this review is a little video she made of her reviewing each item.

The Spirit Blind box are a collection of 8 mystery horses. Each figure stands at over 2 inches tall and comes packaged in a miniature barn and includes a stable. Each blind pack also contains a tick sheet so you can see which horses you need to complete your collection. Great for a treat or as a stocking filler type present. RRP £4.99

Spirit classic Horse and Stable set. The stable can be carried so that you can take the horse with you to play. Within the stable is also a stable, hay, shovel, rake, saddle, bridle, brush, tack box, and sticker sheet. The horse is 7 inch and has beautiful hair perfect from brushing and styling. The doors on the stable open also to create a large play area. RRP £24.99

Sounds and action Horse. Spirit can be posed to stand up on his hind legs like a real horse and has a button which when pressed moves his front leg and makes horse sounds. He comes with a brush so his mane can be brushed and styled.  RRP £19.99

Spirit Riding Free Doll and Horse [ We received Prudence and Chica Linda] There are 4 dolls to collect and each one comes with horse and rider. The doll stands at 13cm and has poseable arms and legs so she can ride the horse. RRP £15.99

Each of my children have a favourite from the collection. Little Man loves to carry the stable around. His imagination seems to go wild as he cleans the stable with the little brush provided and then brush the horses mane. He seems to have a real caring streak and wants to look after the horse. My youngest plays with him with the Riding free doll and horse. The doll is often found on the other horses too, and I love that they are playing with all the toys together, rather than just one. It is great that the collection works in this way, allowing the girls and Little Man to be creative and get all the toys together. My eldest likes to collect things so is currently saving her pocket money up to collect more of the blind bags. 

The whole collection is well built and it is great that they can be played with together rather than individual toys. All the horses seem to visit the stable regularly! The beautiful weather has also meant that all three of my children have been outside playing with the horses on the grass. It is great that the toys are versatile to be played with both in and outside.

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