Get out and Grow

We were invited to an event in London with Sudocrem who kindly provided travel so we could attend. We have not been asked to write a post or share our day but I wanted to do so to document my experience.

I was excited to take Little Man to London. It is rare I can travel with just one of my children and given his love for trains and buses I was so excited to see his face. I wasn't disappointed either. He was as good as gold on the train, he loved looking out the window and was just amazed that he was on a train! 

We were attending an event for Sudocrem who have launched a new my Little Sudocrem that is perfect for little green fingers. The perfect size to pop in your bag or even your pocket and with all the same properties to treat and soothe skin exposed to a harsh day. 

The event took place at Clifton Nurseries which was a real hidden gem in the centre of London. I couldn't believe such an amazing and colourful place existed in central London, completely hidden and surrounded by the tall houses on all sides. It was just a feast for all the senses. 

We were treated to a story all about growing seeds and even got the chance to plant our our sunflowers. I was shocked to discover that 73% of children had never grown a sunflower and only 6% had ever eaten a pea from a a pod! This is something we do every year so it never occurred to me that some children do not. Little Man loved pulling the carrots from the ground and planting his own sunflower, which has just started to sprout on the kitchen window. Great British Bake off winner Frances Quinn created a stunning cake and even gave us a signed copy of her book.

We unfortunately had to leave a little early as we had to get back to pick the girls up from school. Although it was a whistle stop tour it was really beautiful and we are so grateful to have been invited.

Here is a quick look at our day

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